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Feel free to jump in on this, I like the interaction. This is about more than just my character(s), so anyone in the academy around that point can add in.

The air was crisp in San Francisco this fall afternoon as Medical Cadet R'sera walked along the bay with her hands in her pockets. Her home on Cait was near a shore, so the salt air smell was relaxing and reminiscent. The breeze felt good on her cat-like ears. She had not bothered to keep track of the time or distance, just trying to get over her homesickness. The first year was almost half way through, but she wouldn't be returning...
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The next day she reported to her medical science
class. "Class,..." The professsor said, "I am Dr Annete Mccoy. I have
been assigned to teach your course from here on out. Lt. Santos has
been reassigned." This disappointed R'sera in some ways, because the
Lieutennant was one of her favorite teachers. Nevertheless, the new
doctor looked decent.
"I see you are halfway through Gray's
Anatomy," The doctor smirked, "amazing that is still around. With all
our technology we are still using a centuries old reference. I will be
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Brok did not show that day, little known to her that he was in flight excercises for the remainder of the week. A new person approached, however. She was fairly tall and human. Energetic demeanor.
"May I join you?" She asked, holding a tray of food.
"Sure." R'sera smiled. "I won't refuse."
"Thanks. I don't know if you recognise me, but I'm in Anatomy 1a also."
"Doctor Mccoy?"
"Yes. I was hoping we could study together today." She proceded to eat some of her lunch. The caitian was a little suprised at the openness...
by sarahmertz - Comments: 0 - Views: 201

Sarah finished her meal before R'sera, and began dialing her PADD to find the homework. In response, the caitian picked up her last bite and moved around to the same side of the table to look on.
The two paged through the homework and discussed for what seemed like hours. In fact it was almost closing time in the cafeteria before they decided to put down the "books".
They were laughing about profs and freshmen memories when the waitress came over to indicate they were closing. The pair decided to go over to Sarah's dorm to hang out some more, since it was friday anyhow. When...
by sarahmertz - Comments: 0 - Views: 190

The pair began finding more and more similarities in courses and such which further helped their connection to eachother. In fact it was the most that either of them had felt that connection since leaving their respective homes.
Once the flight team returned from their mission, Brok returned to find the pair hanging out in the courtyard of the campus. He smiled in a subtle vulcan way and greeted them.
"Miss Mertz, you look well tonight" he greeted since it was already dark. They began to walk among the lab buildings.
"Likewise, Brok" Sarah replied, R'sera did...
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Sarah was the first to wake up and she went to get dressed, but when she went to put her uniform on it didn't fit. Somehow it was too large, by a couple sizes.
"That's wierd..." She blurted, which woke R'sera up. She rolled over to the edge of the upper bed to see, rubbing her eyes.
"Whas wird?" she slurred and yawned.
"look at this." Sarah held her uniform out to show the stretch. "I always get mine exact or tight."
"That is wierd."
"Even my underlayers are loose. It's like I got smaller or something." R'sera...
by sarahmertz - Comments: 0 - Views: 186

The campus doctor scanned and found the readings to be the same as R'sera's.
"This is the first time I have seen this happen" The doctor stated. "Check with me in the evening. We need to establish if this condition is progressing. I will have to assume that if it is, there may not be a limit to it unless we deal with it. I will research what I can on it. The Starfleet Science team will be working on it too."
"Interesting" Brok reacted. He decided to do what he could to help the science team find the solution, being a science minor. The girls decided to...
by sarahmertz - Comments: 0 - Views: 200

"Good lookin, Mertz!" a couple athletic cadets commented as the pair walked by, apparently due to the youthful look. They looked at eachother and it became apparent that Sarah enjoyed the attention.
"A shame really." R'sera commented slightly disapointed.
"Why?" Sarah asked, still blushing a little.
"It takes loosing a couple pounds and a couple years for boys to notice you. Humans are so superficial. You were already a skinny blonde to begin with."
Sarah shrugged.
"I suppose. It's still nice for a change."

by sarahmertz - Comments: 0 - Views: 212

in the security headquarters, a team member sitting at a terminal
found something. He ran over to the Chief's office. The chief was
standing there with Brok discussing scenarios when he came up.

I have a lead." The officer looked at Brok and then at the Chief
before proceeding. The Cheif nodded that it was alright.

by sarahmertz - Comments: 0 - Views: 211

next morning Sarah set to her normal routine and unlike the previous
few, her uniform fit like it did when she took it off.

She blurted with excitement. R'sera rolled over to watch her

"Stopped shrinking?" She asked, propping her head up on her elbows.
by sarahmertz - Comments: 0 - Views: 228

Later on Luna, a delegation from the federation council made their way to the shipyard's dock where the launch would be. The security detail and Brok were already there and setting up.
"Is everything alright?" The lead councilman asked the security

"I have reason to suspect an attempted problem,...
by sarahmertz - Comments: 0 - Views: 239

Your team has two weeks.” He stated. “Beyond that, you better have a pretty darn good reason.”
The scientists rolled their eyes at the officer and nodded. They knew there was no negotiation.
The chief walked out of the room and turned to face the young vulcan, who was watching through the window along with a few officers...
by sarahmertz - Comments: 0 - Views: 268

The trio walked along the campus path, quietly for a while. The day was sunny and fairly warm for the fall season. Sarah was still self-conscious when next to the tall vulcan, but still felt better having him around. Eventually it was the caitian that broke the silence.
"So I guess it's good news now?" She said awkwardly, trying to sound upbeat.
"Why would it not be good news?" Brok replied in his matter-of-fact tone.
"For you, Sarah I can see it being a good thing." She replied, "But for me I am not so sure."
"Why?" Sarah...
by sarahmertz - Comments: 0 - Views: 1039

The trio continued to walk through the campus, mostly aimlessly but in the general direction of the city. They decided to stop and sit at a cafe just off campus and have some drinks.
"You have such delicious beverages here" R'sera stated, sipping a milk shake. "We don't have 'dairy' on Cait."
"Deprived little kitty" Sarah prodded, smirking. She looked over to Brok. "Is that a smile I see, B?"
"Perhaps. I am vulcan, but I am not on-duty right now."
"That's a new one, but I like it." Sarah laughed, then she looked back...
by sarahmertz - Comments: 0 - Views: 1017

"Not worried?" Her father said. "We aren't talking a common cold, dear."
"I know, Dad." She reassured, rolling her eyes, "I just mean I am at peace with it. Worrying about it won't change it so I'm just living it out." She stood in front of him and held his hands. "In the mean time, we have this. Your little girl is back for now".
"I suppose." He let his guard down some. "I suppose we never had much time together at this age. Not until your mother died."
"Yeah. I miss her".
"I do too, Sarah....
by sarahmertz - Comments: 0 - Views: 1087

"I don't remember having a favorite place, Dad." She replied, tilting her head in suprise. He raised his eyebrows and turned to her.
"Really, squirt?" He replied. "You would always say you couldn't wait..." He was interrupted by a woman approaching behind.
"I need to see some Identification, Sir." The pair turned to face her.
"Mertz, James Mertz."
"He's my Dad, don't worry" Sarah reassuered.
"In that case, Professor Anne Mccoy. Pleased to meet you."
"The pleasure is mine, my dear."...
by sarahmertz - Comments: 4 - Views: 1178

"R'sera of the clan Nieth, Please step forward." the professor said. The young caitian nurse student stood up and came to the stage, gown and hat adorned.
"You have excelled at your studies both acedemic and extra-cirricular, worthy of your graduate title of the highest degree of nursing attainable through this institution. You will serve the Clans well."
She nodded and accepted the degree with a smile that hid her disagreement with the last part of the statement. She learned to be skilled at hiding her true feelings due to her opinions differing from that of the...
by sarahmertz - Comments: 19 - Views: 1628
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