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 Query: Banting, USS/NCC 3120 - B

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Captain, Command
Captain, Command

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PostSubject: Query: Banting, USS/NCC 3120 - B   Mon 2 Mar - 12:14

USS Banting NCC 3120 - B

The USS Banting – B was the Excalibur Class Banting, Commanded by Captain Brex who commanded the previous Banting. The Banting – B is the second test bed for the transwarp drive system; Starfleet hopes to use Borg transwarp coils left over from the second Borg wars to finalize the mission of the USS Excelsior (NX 2000 & NCC 2000). The Banting – B is also a capable war ship and is in effect a moving starbase, however Starfleet chose the Excalibur class as the test bed for this new technology due to the enormous strain Transwarp flight places on the ship, and a smaller ship might rip its self to pieces.

Other ships named Banting
USS Banting NCC 568, Oberth class
USS Banting NCC 3120, Excelsior class
USS Banting NCC 3120 – A, Galaxy class



10,000,000 metric tons

Overall Length
1270 metres

Overall Draft
350 metres

Overall Beam
800 metres

Warp Drive Units
2 TW-1 Advanced Bi-Linear Transwarp Drive Units
2 LF-55 Advanced Linear Warp Drive Units (integrated)

Impulse Reactor Units
4 FIG-10 Subatomic Unified Energy Impulse Units

Warp 1.0 Maximum Impulse Speed
Warp 7.0 Standard Cruising Velocity
Warp 9.7 Maximum Cruising Velocity
Warp 10 Maximum Attainable Velocity

Crew Compliment

Enlisted Crew

Passengers and auxiliary crew

Weapons Systems
10 Type XII Collimated Heavy ‘Lance’ Phaser Arrays

2 Fore MK 90 Photon Torpedo Tubes with Quantum Torpedo

2 Fore MK 100 Phase Quantum Torpedo Launchers (200
Torpedoes, no replenishment due to size (1/2 a Danube Runabout))

4 Port and Starboard MK 90 Quantum Torpedo Launchers

2 Aft MK 100 Phase Quantum Torpedo Launchers (200
Torpedoes, no replenishment due to size (1/2 a Danube Runabout)

CIDSS-5 Primary Force Field Generator & Deflector
Control System

CIDSS-3 Secondary Force Field Generator & Deflector
Control System
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Query: Banting, USS/NCC 3120 - B
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