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 Suggestions & Alterations concerning the SRP

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The Tenth Doctor
Commander, Command
Commander, Command

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PostSubject: Suggestions & Alterations concerning the SRP   Wed 18 Mar - 1:18

Okay, we had a great roleplay last night, but in order for the next episodes to be better (and make sense - we have some crazy plots planned), I'm gonna be making a few alterations and suggestions to improve the experience. Yes, this thread is a long read, but it'll help you understand more.

Format and Style:

  • In some cases, we will begin the roleplay on the NH Modas (Unity Starbase) map and then if we go anywhere, change map to the Serenity (USS Odyssey-A) and then change map again to whatever map we are using for our destination. However, if this process would take up too much time, we will go straight from Modas to the destination map and 'pretend' that we've travelled there by ship.
  • Each time we change map, the RP pauses until an admin states it has resumed. This lets everyone reach the new map before continuing and them missing out.
  • Crew positions are mirrored when on both Unity Starbase AND the USS Odyssey-A, with a couple of exceptions which we'll sort out when we change maps.

Crew Assignments:

  • Commander Callum Haughton will be reassigned to the position of Dockmaster as having two-COs kinda leaves an XO in a null position. Callum will keep his rank, and also his position in the chain of command. The Dockmaster is the person responsible for day-to-day operation of a Starbase, sorting out local traffic, trade operations, ship's services and basicly everything that the COs don't do when it comes to command.
  • Jonathan Kent is a Temporal Investigator from the future. We know little about him at this stage and Episodes 2 & 3 will tell us more. Holding the rank of Commander, his official role will be as a Tactical officer and advisor on new alien races. As he is bending the Temporal Prime Directive, he may not be able to tell you much, and one of the shuttlebays at Unity Starbase is off-limits as he repairs his timeship.

Suggestions to improve the SRP:

  • I'd like to ask everyone to make sure that EF is the only window open during the SRP. Keeping Msn on is cool, but basicly, the more stuff your computer is doing, the more lag for YOU. Which is bad for all of us.
  • Please join the server fifteen minutes before the start time (if its up), as this saves time sorting out problems, and then we can get on with the SRP.
  • Equally, please check the Unity forum section for any updates and "Needed files" for each episode LONG before the SRP begins. We won't stop for you if you need to go download something.
  • PLEASE keep OOC (Out of Character) chat to a minimum. Private message me (or Brex) if you need to ask questions or have problems.
  • Local chat stops random stuff clogging up the console. Please use it.
  • As we are planning a machinima episode version of our SRPs (which will be posted here), that is a great way to catch up if you miss the RPs.

If anyone else has any suggestions on how to streamline the SRP, let me know, post it here. Smile
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James David
Luitenant, Science and Medical
Luitenant, Science and Medical

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PostSubject: Re: Suggestions & Alterations concerning the SRP   Wed 18 Mar - 9:49

Last minute dinner call got me (_)

I will try next time. Sad
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Captain, Command
Captain, Command

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PostSubject: Re: Suggestions & Alterations concerning the SRP   Wed 18 Mar - 9:54

Laggy internet for me... I think I've tracked down the problem... good old Supanet's DNS servers playing up... god I hate my ISP... no offence Razz

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PostSubject: Re: Suggestions & Alterations concerning the SRP   

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Suggestions & Alterations concerning the SRP
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