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 Episode 2.5: DEBRIEFING

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The Tenth Doctor
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Commander, Command

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PostSubject: Episode 2.5: DEBRIEFING   Tue 31 Mar - 13:42

We had a load of absenses this week, and thats fine, they let me know before hand and I was only gonna do this small-scale roleplay in any case.

A week following the Empty Crown incident, and the crew of Unity Starbase were having some time off. Captain Puto arrived back from planet Rakellus however, with the Rakelli Prime Minister Jimb'a, a former Unity crewmember who wanted to visit. Mid way through the tour and a Klingon Bird Of Prey attacked Jimb'a's cruiser. It seems that the Klingon House of K'tok isn't fond of the Rakelli because of an old grudge dating back decades. After a small shootout, Puto was able to get the Klingon Commander and Jimb'a to talk over a table, but the Klingon wasn't able to admit he was wrong and that times had changed. After Jimb'a stormed out the room, Chancellor Martok arrived on the station and took the rogue Klingon away...

Then Puto looked at porn. FAIL.

So what did you think people? It was small scale, but I rather enjoyed it. I hope you did also.

Comments? Questions? Observations?
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Cadet, Year 1

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PostSubject: Re: Episode 2.5: DEBRIEFING   Tue 31 Mar - 13:54

you mean laura lee's myspace Razz
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PostSubject: Re: Episode 2.5: DEBRIEFING   Thu 2 Apr - 6:16

No, i think he REALLY meant porn. Probably that Klingon hardcore stuff. lol
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PostSubject: Re: Episode 2.5: DEBRIEFING   

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Episode 2.5: DEBRIEFING
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