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 Episode 3 alternate RP DEBRIEFING

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The Tenth Doctor
Commander, Command
Commander, Command

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PostSubject: Episode 3 alternate RP DEBRIEFING   Tue 7 Apr - 13:55

Well, tonight's Episode 3 was an utter disaster. First people couldn't connect, then Callum's server couldn't be connected to, then the ST-O-RP server crashed twice, so finally, we had to abandon the Starbase 11 plan and just have a normal SRP on the L-RP server, with the kind help of Kaialin.

It was a quiet afternoon at Unity Starbase, and Commander Callum was celebrating his 'birthday' when a Klingon freighter asked for permission to dock with damage sustained in combat with a lifeform of some kind in space. This "Monster" creature approached the station, affecting systems with it's bio-electric field, and also causing a docked vessel's warp containment system to fail. Whilst Kent and Kaialin worked on attempting to communicate with the creature instead of destroying it, Lewis and Callum had to manually disconnect the doomed ship's docking latches not long before it exploded harmlessly in space. The creature was about to attack the station when Puto, using Kent's translation matrix talked the creature out of it, and discovered that the Klingon freighter had stolen from it's 'breeding sun' in the Rogets system. Setting the freighter to auto-pilot, Puto convinced the creature to follow it to one of the suns in the Gateway system where it could feed, and the crisis was over.

Questions? Comments? Observations? It was a good RP in the end. Thanks to everyone for sticking around until we got something going!

I will be re-thinking the whole plot system for this SRP so that we can make it work better in the future, starting with next week.
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Cheif Warrent Officer
Cheif Warrent Officer

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PostSubject: Re: Episode 3 alternate RP DEBRIEFING   Tue 7 Apr - 13:59

I Enjoyed it very much,

... i think im going to re-apply as ship's linguist Razz
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Luitenant Commander, Enginering
Luitenant Commander, Enginering

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PostSubject: Re: Episode 3 alternate RP DEBRIEFING   Tue 7 Apr - 15:45

The first time a manage to show up and it goes tits- up lol.
Im back luck.

From the 5 seconds i was there, it was fab Smile

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Cadet, Year 2
Cadet, Year 2

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PostSubject: Re: Episode 3 alternate RP DEBRIEFING   Tue 7 Apr - 21:12

Was good, pity I had to leave before the end and sorry about the epic failure of my sever - I've rectified the problem so if ever we're in need of a backup - I'm available =]
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PostSubject: Re: Episode 3 alternate RP DEBRIEFING   

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Episode 3 alternate RP DEBRIEFING
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