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 Personel Profile:S.H.O.D.A.N

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Ensign, Science and Medical
Ensign, Science and Medical

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Age : 26
Location : South England
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Character Biography
Character Name: S.H.O.D.A.N
Character Age: D.O.B: 2154

PostSubject: Personel Profile:S.H.O.D.A.N   Wed 29 Apr - 14:15

D.O.B: 11th December 2155
Home Region: San Fransisco, Earth
Speicies: Android, Hologram, Computer Program Avatars
Race: Artificial Intelegent Being
Parents:Arink Soong
Siblings:Technicaly the Augments
Other Relatives:Data,B4,Lore,Noonien Soong
Maritual Status:Single
Children:Hybreed's(Animal/Machine) and the Many (mutated creatures of Tau Ceti VI

Education: Relevant Data from 2154 to 2380s+
Postings: Citadel Station, Vaun Braun
Current Posting: Unity Starbase
Current Rank: Engsin

==Background history==
S.H.O.D.A.N was first programed as a computer system to regulate information on board ships/stations her program was discoverd by prison guards and took her away. She was taken to earth where starfleet whanted to see what Dr Soong designd then during a late night her program disk was stolen by rouge officers working for S31.
===Citadel Station===
Citadel Station a Mineing/Science/Medical station in orbit of Jupiter SHODAN was used as the stations Main Computer AI.
when S31 operative known as Hacker removed Shodans ethics systems she deemed her self a god and that humans could only achive sentiance via Cyberiseation. She Transformed the Crew into Cyborgs and took controle of the stations Machines
the S31 operative, Hacker awoken on the stations First Level after reciveing 1 implant from S31 for starting the test, he later realised S31 abandond him and left him for dead his new job to servive and get the hell out of thier the first words Shodan said to him were"Welcome back to Citadel station.
We hope your somnolent healing stage went well.
Today is the 6th day of November, year 2072.
Your are currently located in the healing suits located on the first level,
Level 2 contians the research labratories, Level 3 houses the Department of maintanance.
And the storage cells are on level 4 *low*..4...*normal* the flight deck is on level 5
L..l.level 6 holds crew facilitys and executive suits and level 7 is systems engineering.
Level 8 houses the department of security,
The Bridge is located on Level 9
and Energy systems on level R All Levels can be accessed by the elivator In...In..in
Alpha Quadrent. We Hope you have a plesant stay on Citadele Ssstation"

===Vaun Braun===
Earths First Warp 6 Ship she was the most secure and scientific ship starfleet had ever created but when they picked up a dristress call from Ganymede they didnt know that hell would be set loose. The arived at Ganymede to find the remains of Citadel Station they transported Several Egg like things to the ships Medical/Science Deck and Shodans Core to the Engineering/Security Deck thier the Many a hive mind of creatures SHODAN created started killing the crew and infested Med-7 the Medical Bays Botanical Center then XERXIS the Vaun Brauns AI and Clone of SHODAN became corrupt and Allied the Many becomeing thier slave Shodan how ever didnt like this and attempted to exterminate them

===USS Enterprise NCC-1701-A===
SHODAN was discoverd by the Enterprise and during a brief encounter the restored her Ethics systems at this time she used the recorces of the ship and USS Akula to build her self a primative robotic body

===Starbase 12===
On starbase 12 she improved her robotic body with Early 24th century tech, then she left leaving the crew compleatly unaware of the stolen materials from it and a Nebula Class ship

===Unity starbase===
Shodan sneaked onto the starbase with hopes of building a new Android useing the best technology it had to offer she was discoverd when she attempted to steal technology from
Captain Lewis and his Box. he agreed to allow Shodan to remain on the station if she agreed to assist the crew
===All Encounters (Chronology)===
Form/vessel or starbase/year

Central AI/Citadel Station/2199

Rouge AI/Vaun Braun/2212

Android/USS Enterprise-A/2362

Android/Starbase 12/2421

Android/Unity Starbase/2382
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Personel Profile:S.H.O.D.A.N
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