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 Personel Profile: Kaialin

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Character Biography
Character Name: Kaialin
Character Age: 24

PostSubject: Personel Profile: Kaialin   Thu 30 Apr - 1:28

==Background history==
Kai Alin was born in Norway on Earth in the late 24th Century. His parents were both in starfleet which meant Kai did not see them much at all. From the age of four Kai had made his decision of wanting to "do what his mum and dad do" and from then on he always aspired to join the accademy. When Kai was only 15 his parents were assimilated by the borg. This made Kai want to persue his decided future and he joined the accademy.

===Accademy days===
Kai Alin studied very hard at the [[Starfleet Academy]], doing courses in temporal phyiscs, engineering, medical and command. He graduated the accademy in 2372.

===First position===
Kai Alin took his first assignment on the [[USS Expedition (NCC-76277)]] in 2372 in search of the missing [[USS Equinox (NCC-72381)]] in the badlands when eventualy they were attacked by a [[Klingon Bird-of-Prey]] and were forced to retreat to deep space nine at the outbreak of war.

===Deep space nine===
Kai Alin decided to to persue his future on the [[USS Expedition (NCC-76277)]] and remained on board [[Deep Space 9]] as a security officer under the command of [[Benjamin Sisko]]. He remained here for 2 years and was promoted to the rank of Lt Junior grade at the end of the war and he returned to earth and took a second command course in the hope of becoming a commander.

===The USS Banting===
. Kai alin took command of the Banting and led it back to Mars fleet Yards for a Refit. The ship was re-crewed with Captain Kai alin remaining in command adn the ship was assigned to [[Deep Space 9]] and then was sent on a deep space exploration mission through the [[Bajoran wormhole]]. From there the Banting was attacked by a race called the Mertipians and crippled. After 2 years Kai was presumed dead on an away mission leaving the Banting in the capable hands of Commander Lewis who brought the ship ever closer to home.

===The USS Banting-A===
3 years after Kai alin was presumed dead, his body was found alive on a drifting alien ship, he was recovered and taken to earth. But due to dissobaying regulations and putting his crew at a serious risk on the first banting Kai Alin was de-moted to commander and re-assigned elsewere.

===The USS Geronimo===
Kai Alin was not exactly unhappy with his new assignment, he was made executive officer aboard the [[USS Geronimo]] under the command of none other than the ex-captain and freind from the Banting, Captain Lewis. He spent a year on the ship and on an away mission fought with a Sona and fell deep into the engine core making it overload. This was the second time he was presumed dead on a mission but once again he "Rose" and was found being worshiped at a temple on a deeply religious planet.

Kai Alin Left starfleet and returned to being a civillian on earth, he grew close to a Woman he met at the accademy and they had Children (Rosie and Michael Alin)

===Unity starbase===
Kai Alin recieved a transmission from Unity Starbase and was offered a job as chef, aboard the [[USS Odyssey (NCC-71832-A) (Galaxy class)]] he took the position and left earth. He is now Stationed there as a civillian and Captain lewis is persuading him to re-new his starfleet commision as Captain...

===All Starfleet Assignments (Chronology)===
Rank/position/vessel or starbase/year

Ensign/Engineer/Uss Expedition/2372

Ensign/Security/Deep space Nine/2373

Lt JG/Security/Deep space nine/2375

Captain/Commanding Officer/USS Banting/2379

Commander/executive officer/USS Geronimo/2382
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Personel Profile: Kaialin
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