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 ioEF Revisit

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Captain, Command

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PostSubject: ioEF Revisit   Wed 20 May - 7:57

Quote :
Telex Ferra
Visit this link for the ioEF download


Read the readme and run the installer.

you need to get it to work with RPG-X. Take your shortcut for RPG-X,
copy it, then paste it again and rename it ioEF RPG-X (or whatever you
want to know it as) Right click it and press properties. You should see
this in the target box:

PLEASE NOTE: some data in the target may be different such as install
directroy, pure, hunkmegs etc. IGNORE THEM. We're only paying attention
to stvoyHM.exe


"C:/Program Files/Raven/Star Trek Voyager Elite Force/stvoyHM.exe" set
fs_game RPG-X2 sv_pure 0 set com_hunkmegs 512 cinematic rpgx_intro.roq

You're going to edit it to:

"C:\Program Files\Raven\Star Trek Voyager Elite
Force\iostvoyHM-1.37.exe" set fs_game RPG-X2 sv_pure 0 set com_hunkmegs
512 cinematic rpgx_intro.roq

basically changing stvoyHM.exe" to iostvoyHM-1.37.exe"

Try RPG-X from your new ioEF RPG-X shortcut.
Quote :
Make sure you have pak92 in BaseEF and your RPG-X Folder

If you have Windows Vista, you may experience openGL problems, most
commonly the ''opengl subsystem error'' This is due to vista having
poor OpenGL support especially on upgraded Window versions (Pre-XP
--> Vista).
The only thing you can really do, is to download the latest driver for
your video card which will solve this 99.9% of the time. If this
doesn't work, delete your hmconfig.cfg files (This will require you to
rebind all your keys and reset all your options, but it should
Quote :
Telex Ferra
Problem 1: zzzpak4_beta1

When attempting to join a server in ioEF RPG-X using Windows Vista, you
may experience a problem where you are kicked back to the main menu.
First, browse to your C drive, and make sure you have "Show hidden
files and folders" checked, or else you will not be able to do this.

browse to:

C:\Users\(User Name)\AppData\Roaming\STVEF\RPG-X2

and copy pak4_beta*.pk3 into this folder. (DO NOT MOVE IT FROM RPG-X)
Quote :
After this, turn off UAC to prevent this from happening in the future with the later versions.
IMPORTANT: When the new Windows 7 is released you should be able to
configure your UAC so you can keep it on for other opperations, just
not for ioEF

Problem 2: Downloading files that don't appear in your BaseEF or RPG-X2 folders

Navigate to the above location and make sure it matches the folder in
'C:\Program Files\Raven\Star Trek Voyager Elite Force'' or where ever
you installed it, make sure you check your compatibility files as well
and the Main ('C:\Program Files\Raven\Star Trek Voyager Elite Force')
folder should be the master so make it match that, but don't copy any
files from that to the roaming folder, a lot to remember but it can
only get easier... once you do the same for BaseEF!

Problem 3: Darkened Windows

When using ioEF and you use it to change the gamma settings on Windows
Vista (maybe XP as well) the gamma settings override Windows', to solve
this, just open the game and reset your gamma to the proper amount
r_gamma 1
Problem 4: Weird sized screen (See attached
After installing and running ioEF for the first time one person has
asked me about this error, it might have been a fluke but it might not
be an ioEF error, but still just in case, to fix it go to the settings
then video then video additional, from there change the slider to the

Weird sized screen

Ha, but after that if its still not working, post in this thread!

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ioEF Revisit
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