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 seti@home Group for ST-O-RP

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Captain, Command
Captain, Command

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Character Name: Brex
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PostSubject: seti@home Group for ST-O-RP   Mon 15 Jun - 11:56

Well is it out there?

First Contact is due to happen in 60 years... want to speed it up a bit?

Click the button to get to the download page

After downloading and creating your account go to The Star Trek Online Role Play 'seti@group' group
I'm running it on my old laptop, which can't even run a EF server, your computer will definitely work with it, it'll just take a while Smile

Oh and some of you may recognise this from a James Bond film (Goldeneye)

This (the real one) is what you connect to while you are running the experiment all the way from Puerto Rico

So what are you waiting for! Making First Contact happen faster and in a James Bond film!!! Join

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Luitenant, Security
Luitenant, Security

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Character Name: Riku Tuorvuoro
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PostSubject: Re: seti@home Group for ST-O-RP   Sun 28 Jun - 12:40

I don't believe in SETI, I believe in
Zefram Cochrane.
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seti@home Group for ST-O-RP
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