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 Backstory: The academy years

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Ensign, Science and Medical
Ensign, Science and Medical

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Character Biography
Character Name: R'sera Neith
Character Age: 21(25 Cait yrs)

PostBackstory: The academy years

Feel free to jump in on this, I like the interaction. This is about more than just my character(s), so anyone in the academy around that point can add in.

The air was crisp in San Francisco this fall afternoon as Medical Cadet R'sera walked along the bay with her hands in her pockets. Her home on Cait was near a shore, so the salt air smell was relaxing and reminiscent. The breeze felt good on her cat-like ears. She had not bothered to keep track of the time or distance, just trying to get over her homesickness. The first year was almost half way through, but she wouldn't be returning for break.
The last days in her family's house were somewhat less than happy. Starfleet was not looked highly upon by her father, particularly since she was in line to take over the family Practice.
Which left her facing the new life mostly alone and introverted. She decided to sit on a retaining wall near the path and watch the birds fly and swim. Occasionally people would walk by on the path, some would look, some would not. Eventually R'sera did not either, daydreaming became the thing to do and became sleep.
Some time later, a young man approached the sleeping woman. "Excuse me, miss..." the vulcan asked, she hurriedly sat up. "This is hardly a place for sleep." R'sera rubbed her eyes and stammered, "I...I...I'm sorry." He helped her up.
"Apology is unneccesary, Cadet. I simply thought you should be more careful. You are a Caitian, rare indeed."
"Yeah," She rolled her eyes, "That is for sure. Sometimes I feel like I am the only one."
"You could be. I have not noted any others." He turned toward the campus, "We should be returning."
"Why do you know I am a cadet?" She said as they walked.
"Because I am one also. Cadet Brok, Flight Squad. Second year."
"Cadet R'sera, Medical Corps. First year." She looked at him and smiled. Vulcans were still a novelty to her culture. Caitians were a rather expressive culture much like klingons, but not so violent, so the composure of a vulcan was quite different.
"Where do you call home?" She asked.
"Here is home, until I am assigned elswhere. Then that will be home."
"So, you don't consider your family to be home?"
"No, that would be illogical since my duty is here. My past location is irrelevant to where I am now. I assume this is not the same for yourself?"
"Sort of." He raised his eyebrow in response, "My family does not approve of me being here. I just wish I could view it like you do."
"Viewpoint is a choice, Cadet." He said as we came to the door to my dorm. He opened the door and I walked in. He stayed outside holding it open.
"Live long and prosper" He made the hand gesture. R'sera tried to duplicate it but failed.
"I hope to." She replied, "I hope we meet again, Brok. It was nice to talk to you."
He bowed and we went our ways, hers was to sit down and do some homework, although she found it hard to concentrate after finally making a friend.

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Backstory: The academy years :: Comments

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Backstory: The academy years

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