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 The Academy Years

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Ensign, Science and Medical
Ensign, Science and Medical

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Character Biography
Character Name: R'sera Neith
Character Age: 21(25 Cait yrs)

PostThe Academy Years

The next day she reported to her medical science
class. "Class,..." The professsor said, "I am Dr Annete Mccoy. I have
been assigned to teach your course from here on out. Lt. Santos has
been reassigned." This disappointed R'sera in some ways, because the
Lieutennant was one of her favorite teachers. Nevertheless, the new
doctor looked decent.
"I see you are halfway through Gray's
Anatomy," The doctor smirked, "amazing that is still around. With all
our technology we are still using a centuries old reference. I will be
deviating a little bit for now. You are all a bit tired of human
anatomy aren't you?" The class nodded, waking up a little.
bout we see what other species we could survey for a while." She looked
around the room. "Let's see, Cadet...R'sera, you are a Caitian,
"Yes, Ma'am." She responded.
"Would you object to us studying your species for a while?"
"No, Ma'am."
Class, dial your PADDs to Caitian internal anatomy. You will note there
are several key differences between the humanoid and felinoid
anatomies. Anyone care to point them out?"
"The heart is larger." Someone answered.
"Good, Cadet. It is on average 15 percent larger and stronger."
"The Intestine is smaller."
good. The intestine is almost half as long. This allows a smaller,
lighter physique at the cost of a more frequent appetite."
"The lymbic system is much smaller" R'sera stated.
astute, Cadet. It is smaller, but the composition is such that you
still retain as much function as the much larger humanoid system. Good
observations, class. Your assignments will be to study the common
ailments related to this species. Test will be friday. Dismissed."
to most of her classes, R'sera figured this would be a cakewalk. A test
about what she grew up with. This teacher had a different flair that
was pleasant and open. Very refreshing.
She found herself looking
for her vulcan friend when she sat down in the cafeteria for lunch.
Perhaps he would find her, she hoped.

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The Academy Years

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