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 The Academy Years

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Ensign, Science and Medical
Ensign, Science and Medical

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Character Biography
Character Name: R'sera Neith
Character Age: 21(25 Cait yrs)

PostThe Academy Years

in the security headquarters, a team member sitting at a terminal
found something. He ran over to the Chief's office. The chief was
standing there with Brok discussing scenarios when he came up.

I have a lead." The officer looked at Brok and then at the Chief
before proceeding. The Cheif nodded that it was alright.

is a public appearance of the federation chancellor two days from now
in Utopia Planitia Yard. A couple delegates from Vulcan will be there
too when they launch the USS Arcola."

propose a terrorist event, then? Have we located either of the
scientists?" The chief asked.

positively. We have a security camera picture from a transport gate
to the Luna Shuttle this morning. From that it could be inferred that
they are on Luna, near the Yards."

Luna base and UPY Security ops. Send them the files for our missing
men. This unit could be carried by a single person if they modified

Sir." The crewman returned to his station.

just gets better, eh Son?" The Chief asked Brok in sarcasm.

least it is a direction, Sir"

are right. Well, go on the Luna Shuttle. I want you to be able to
identify the scientists when we find them. Besides, it will be good
experience for you to be involved. Dismissed"


you have the plans?" A blurred voice asked the human scientist
in an audio-only transmission. The scientist sounded nervous and with
cause. [/size]

do. Do you have my payment?"

course. Do you have the distraction set up?"

will be." The human replied. "I don't think Starfleet has
any leads."

should not. If they do it is over for your partner. The Preytor will
not put up with a hoax or a mistake."


That evening, the
three women sat down at the doctor's office to see the scans. The sun
was down already, so it was just as well that their teacher was
along. The doctor of the watch made his scans and put the tools away.

good news or the bad?" He asked.

bad." R'sera said.

bad news is we don't have a unit to reverse it."[/size]

good?" Sarah asked.

aging seems to have slowed. From what we know of the
device, the effect was supposed to stop at a certain point and then
return to normal rate. Perhaps we have hit that stage."

sort of good I guess" Sarah replied, rolling her eyes. At least
we aren't getting worse."

means you won't be getting in any clubs for a few years."
Annette joked, elbowing Sarah.

darn. Here I though I could use my ID and get in."

fake ID, huh? Nobody's gonna think your'e 19!" R'sera commented

girls." Annette said as she placed an arm on each girl's
shoulder. "Let's get you back to your dorm. Tomorrow's another

they walked along the campus walkways under the street lights, a
gentle breeze blowing off the bay, Sarah looked up at Annette. "Were
you ever married?" The teacher looked at the pair and stopped.

Never found the time. I like being available for my students. I like
freedom to do stuff like this. A lot of guys don't appreciate
"I see. It's only 1800 hrs, do we have to go to
our dorm yet." Sarah asked in a purposely childish way, smiling.

some 'ice-cream' would be nice" R'sera added. Annette smiled and

why not live a little." She replied and pointed. "There's a
nice little shop over the hill there." She looked over at
R'sera, "You like icecream? I didn't know you had that on Cait."

don't. Sarah introduced me to it the other day. Quite enjoyable."
Annette smiled when the caitian said that.

then, we all agree."

"Thanks teach." Sarah said.
"Call me Ann. Your'e allowed"
"Sure thing."

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The Academy Years

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