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 The Academy Years

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Ensign, Science and Medical
Ensign, Science and Medical

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Character Biography
Character Name: R'sera Neith
Character Age: 21(25 Cait yrs)

PostThe Academy Years

Your team has two weeks.” He stated. “Beyond that, you better have a pretty darn good reason.”
The scientists rolled their eyes at the officer and nodded. They knew there was no negotiation.
The chief walked out of the room and turned to face the young vulcan, who was watching through the window along with a few officers and a man in an all black uniform. The chief greeted the clearly superior
officer with reluctance, and looked at Brok.

Those were who you saw?”
"The one on the right is, Sir”
Good, that confirms it. When this is all over, they are yours, Cpt Marell”.
He said as he looked at the agent. “This is clearly in your court.”

Glad we agree.” He motioned to the chief for a private huddle, “They are under full time watch now. The two females should be watched

I don't believe they are a threat. Since the incident they have
remained within the confines of the campus and not raised any major
flags. We have been monitoring them closely.” The chief replied.

Nevertheless, I feel the agency should have some control on keeping a lid on this. The public should not know about the operations of this scenario. It is unfortunate that we have innocents involved. If they were active officers we would sequester them until the treatment was available, but we can't now.” The captain paced a little.
Good.” the chief replied. “I know this is black-ops, but there is a limit, Sir.”
Keep me posted, Chief.”
Yes, sir.” The chief saluted and motioned for Brok to follow.
Get on the next ship home. I'll be down later on. Report to my office in the morning with your friends. We owe them a briefing, but not until then. Understood?”

Personal log, day ten of the 'condition'.” Sarah typed as she laid on her bed the next morning. “The condition seems to have levelled and my fears are subsiding. This has been an awkward experience to say the
least. The looks on people's faces have been anything from amazement
to condescencion, but at the same time some have been more like
enjoyment and support. I tend to prefer the latter. Life is too short
to worry about the nay sayers, so I look at the bright side. The
energy level is so refreshing, though it makes me a little sad that I
will have to eventually resume the older state.”

As she paused between thoughts, her roommate came into the room.
Hey, Sarah” R'sera said, “They caught the scientists yesterday. We have to get to the security office in an hour to get the full brief.
I'll be outside with Brok.”

Ok. I'll be out in a minute.” Sarah replied and looked back on her padd. The caitian walked back out to her friend who was waiting at
the door. The human switched the padd window to message and began to type.

Mertz, Luna,
Hey Dad,
I know we planned to get together next month for my birthday, but it would be cool if we could move it up to this week. I have a
time-sensitive gift for you. The sooner the better.

Love, your little girl

She closed the message and set the padd down on her desk before walking out the door. The minor details were still suprising to her. Things like her height. Normally she was 1.7 meters high, now she was a mere 1.3 meters. This meant their vulcan friend was now considerably
taller in relation, but now R'sera was the same as her. The caitian
was never tall by human standards and frankly by caitian standards

Brok looked at her as she came down the dorm stairway, a scene she had seen many times before but he had not seen them in a while. He, though a vulcan had a look of amazement.
Ms Mertz, you look young, very young.”
Thanks, I guess.” She smirked. The trio made their way to the office, continuing their conversation. He had many stories to share along the way from his days out.
The Chief was sitting in his office chatting with the previously seen Captain. The cadets stood at attention in a line. The chief stood up
and paused, looking at the two girls. He shook his head and looked at
the Captain. And the Captain began.

As you figured, we have the scientists in our custody. This means the solution to your condition is possible. The “Age” device is a
classified system, which borders on the edge of genetic engineering
treaties. Your involvement is the result of a sloppy mishandled
attempt at an uncoordinated double agent incident. The word of this
should be minimized. Obviously you are not going to be able to
prevent questions, but the nature of this situation demands a minimal
answer if any at all. Your condition should be remedied in a matter
of weeks, as long as it takes the team to make a new unit and test
it. Chief?”

You have pretty much all you need to hear from the captain, but I need to reiterate how important it is to keep this under wraps. S-31 will do what we have to in the interest of keeping this low key. You have
clearance from the academy to take time out from classes and extra
events, dismissed”.

The cadets exitted the room, but as Brok followed them, the Chief placed a hand on his shoulder.
Son,” he began “I know your major is flight engineering, but what would you think of changing to security?”
Sir, It could be interesting.” he paused, “but I would need to
consider it carefully”.

Consider it then. I think you have potential in it.”
Understood, Sir”.

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The Academy Years

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