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 The Academy Years

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Ensign, Science and Medical
Ensign, Science and Medical

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Character Biography
Character Name: R'sera Neith
Character Age: 21(25 Cait yrs)

PostThe Academy Years

The trio continued to walk through the campus, mostly aimlessly but in the general direction of the city. They decided to stop and sit at a cafe just off campus and have some drinks.
"You have such delicious beverages here" R'sera stated, sipping a milk shake. "We don't have 'dairy' on Cait."
"Deprived little kitty" Sarah prodded, smirking. She looked over to Brok. "Is that a smile I see, B?"
"Perhaps. I am vulcan, but I am not on-duty right now."
"That's a new one, but I like it." Sarah laughed, then she looked back at the other friend. "Sera, what are you doing with your ears?"
"What?" R'sera turned her head back to face the others.
"They keep moving."
"Oh, yeah." She looked down a little self conciously. "I forget you can't do that. I listen to many things at once, sorry".
"No, don't be." Sarah reached over and patted her on her shoulder, "I think that's cool."
R'sera smiled and looked up at a man approaching. That alerted the other two, who then turned around.
"Excuse me," The man, who had a day-bag asked. "Can you tell me where Amber Hall dorm is? I'm trying to find a certain cadet.
Sarah recognized him almost immediately, but didn't let on right away. She replied in a reserved manner to try to hide it.
"I can show you just as easy. I live there, sir." She stood up and picked her drink up, nodding to her friends that it was alright and they didn't need to come.
"I don't want to impose on you, miss." he said awkwardly to the apparently young girl.
"Oh, believe me you aren't." She smiled. They walked a good distance before she broke the silence.
"Daddy". One word to see what happens. He raised an eyebrow and turned, getting down on a knee to look her in the eyes. His gaze turned bright.
"Sarah? My little girl? What happened?"
"Happy early birthday, dad." She smiled and hugged him hard. "Your 'little girl' is little again for a while."
"I see that, but how" He got back up again and they began walking again.
"That's a long story." She rolled her eyes up at him. "Long and the short of it was we were subject to an experimental device gone wrong. It set us back five years."
"Us? Experiment? What does this school do anymore?"
"Relax, Dad." She reassured, holding his hands and stopping. "I'm alright. Just younger til they fix it."
"Good." He replied, "Who else?"
"The other girl who was with me. My roommate, R'sera".
"The Caitian?"
"Yeah. We get along so well. Somehow she doesn't look any different from it."
"Caitians are generally nice folk. I served with one on my first post. Not a very common species."
"Might be related?" Sarah asked.
"Who knows. That was a good while ago since I've seen him. Do they know how to fix it?"
"Yes, but they need to make the device first. Might be next week but I'm not too worried."

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The Academy Years

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