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 The Academy Years

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Ensign, Science and Medical
Ensign, Science and Medical

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PostThe Academy Years

"I don't remember having a favorite place, Dad." She replied, tilting her head in suprise. He raised his eyebrows and turned to her.
"Really, squirt?" He replied. "You would always say you couldn't wait..." He was interrupted by a woman approaching behind.
"I need to see some Identification, Sir." The pair turned to face her.
"Mertz, James Mertz."
"He's my Dad, don't worry" Sarah reassuered.
"In that case, Professor Anne Mccoy. Pleased to meet you."
"The pleasure is mine, my dear." He smiled as he bowed slightly and smiled. "I am relieved that you take an interest in your campus activity."
"In fact Dad, Anne has been helping me a lot lately."
"Oh, well." Anne looked down a little, "I just want to make sure my kids...erm...students are alright. I'll let you two go, just wanted to check." She said in a slight stammer, starting to step away. Mr Mertz stepped sideways into her path.
"Not so fast, Ms Mccoy." He said and leaned in a little, whispering the next part. "I believe I owe you a dinner tomorrow."
She looked up and smiled, "Well, I don't want to impose."
"You aren't. I insist. Tomorrow at 8."
"If you put it that way. I'll see you then. Later, Sarah".
"Later, Anne."
After she walked away, he commented to Sarah. "I think I like her."
"No offense Dad, I knew you would. Well, I hoped you would."
"Ah, I see, now you intended that huh? Gotcha."
"Eh...um, busted." Sarah snickered and put her hands up. "Can you blame me?"
He looked at her and looked onward to where they were walking with a little glisten and smirk, "I suppose not." He put his hand on her back and pulled her closer. "We look out for eachother. Let's find some dinner, eh squirt?"
"Sounds good, Dad."

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The Academy Years :: Comments

Re: The Academy Years
Post on Tue 3 Nov - 19:12 by sarahmertz
Back at the cafe table, Brok and R'sera continued to talk.
"Who do you suppose that man was?" R'sera asked. Brok looked up from his drink.
"I think that was her father. She smiled that way." He replied
"I was kinda thinking that too." R'sera affirmed. Then she moved an ear as she heard Sarah's laugh, then continued. "Yeah that's them. It's so sweet her father comes out to see her."
Brok looked across the table, over R'sera's shoulder to see them off in the distance.
"He is young to be her father." Then he raised an eyebrow. "how are you hearing them that far off?"
"Caitian ears are far superior to humanoid ears." She answered matter of factly and returned to normal position, "You vulcans and age estimates. Not everyone gets to be 300 years old." she responded sarcastically.
"Indeed this is true." He responded.
Re: The Academy Years
Post on Mon 23 Nov - 13:37 by sarahmertz
"That's why in some ways I am glad for this anti-aging thing. It means I get to have some more time to live." She said.
"An interesting perspective, though it seems to have it's ethical issues." He replied, leaning back. She nodded and rolled her eyes thoughtfully.
"I know, but it is hard to decide, Brok." She explained. "I really want to just stay with this and not go back, I mean I really don't have the maturity issues regarding it that Sarah does so it should be ethically acceptable right?"
"A good point. You do not appear very different from your original state. In that sense yes I do agree with your viewpoint. I don't know if the medical board would agree."
"I hope they do."
"You haven't spoken much of your family, R'sera. Why is that?"
"I...well..." She replied, trying to find the words, "My family situation is complicated."
He raised an eyebrow. "May I ask how?"
"Well, I come from an old order clan and it didn't approve of Starfleet. I am not allowed to return and my parents can't contact me."
"You have been cut off for joining Starfleet?" He said with a surprise tone.
"Yes, I know it's backward and wrong but it is what it is."
"Well, what is your family's profession?"
"Doctors." She replied. "I am third in a line of medical professionals. If I had stayed I would have inherited the family business."
"Then you gave up a lot to get here?"
"In some ways, yes. I don't look at it that way though." She replied. "I wish I could have the ability to communicate with them, but at the same time it gives me a sense of clarity since nothing ties me back."
"Another good point. In my observation humans have family ties to the point of a weakness."
"I take it you do not share that view, Brok?" She asked thoughtfully.
"No, I do not. My family has been two generations Starfleet officers. All were killed in the Borg war." He said distantly. "So yes R'sera, I share your fellings in that regard."
Re: The Academy Years
Post on Thu 26 Nov - 19:20 by sarahmertz
"I am sorry." R'sera said thoughtfully about his loss. "I did not know."
"It is alright, Ms R'sera." He replied. "I have no residual emotion about this. The loss was in the course of the duty they were called to serve. In so doing, the task force was saved. The needs of the one"
"Out weigh the needs of the few." R'sera completed. "I admire your clarity. If only most possessed vulcan logic."
"Indeed." He said flatly. "Alas, many do not. It is just the way of things."
"Well, I should be catching up on my homework assignments. The midterms are coming fast." The caitian stated as she stood up.
"As should I." He replied and stood up also.
The pair walked up to her dorm and he kept going when he saw her walk inside. She went to her room to get her Padd and walked out to the common lounge. To study out in a public lounge was a departure from her normal shyness, but she decided to try something new. The room was mostly empty though she could still hear the faint voices of a few students in the background. Once settled into a big soft chair with her tail wrapped around her gathered bare feet, she began to study.
The sensation of bare feet began to bring back memories of her old home. The footwear was optional for starfleet's uniform code for catians but her feet had not grown accustomed to concrete and asphalt surfaces. Nevertheless, the shoes felt confining and it was liberating to get them off.
Re: The Academy Years
Post on Fri 27 Nov - 19:33 by sarahmertz
The day came when the science team was ready for a trial. As usual, Sarah rolled out of bed with a spring and was halfway dressed by the time the catian moved over to the edge of the top bunk to open her eyes.
"You are..." R'sera yawned and stretched. "energetic."
"Today I might get back to normal. What isn't to like about that, Kit." Sarah started brushing her hair.
"You might." R'sera remarked as she slid off the bed ladder to get dressed. She was less than thrilled about it.
"You don't?" She asked. "Oh, right yeah you don't want to go back I forgot."
R'sera was dressed before continuing.
"Really, I am not any different so I why should I?" She stated, also brushing her hair.
"Suit yourself." Sarah replied. "Maybe the board will agree."
The pair made their way to the special operations facility where the device was housed, away from normal traffic. This time there were guards around the entries and it was a secured type building anyhow. Someone apparently got in trouble over the original situation.
A guard stopped them at the door.
"Secured area. I need I.D. for both of you." He said flatly.
"Cadets R'sera Li Nieth and Sarah Nicole Mertz" Sarah stated in official manner. The officer placed a fingerprint scanner out and they used it.
"Confirmed. Come with me." He motioned, then radioed to someone before entering.
"Quite the switch, huh Kit?" Sarah remarked. The caitian nodded with a smirk.
The three of them walked through what seemed like a well lit warehouse for a while then entered a small room which turned out to be an elevator. When it arrived, the doors opened to reveal a white well lit laboratory with several doctors bustling about. The guard delivered them to a room off the side and pointed for them to sit and wait. He left the room to return to his post. Sarah looked over to her room mate and shrugged.
"Bright enough in here."
"Yeah. Didn't look like this from the outside."
"Probly the idea." The human remarked.
After a while a vulcan and a human doctor walked in holding a padd.
"Mertz and Nieth?"
"Yes." they returned in unison. The human doctor smiled. The vulcan was unamused.
"Let's go then." The human doctor said. The four of them made thier way over to another windowless room where the device was held.
"Mertz, you go first" The vulcan stated. R'sera folder her arms and leaned on the wall to watch through a shielded window with the doctors.
The device flashed how it should then she went to sit in the room.
"Nieth." The human said. "Your turn." She looked at the device, then Sarah then the doctors. She shook her head.
"You should." The human doctor said.
"Why should I?" R'sera replied. "I am no different due to my maturity cycle already being complete. There is no legitimate reason I should and it would just mean I get to live that much less if I do it."
"The caitian has a point." The vulcan remarked to the other doctor. "I concur with her."
"Very well, Nieth." the human doctor stated. We will put on the record that you were treated but we will let it slide. Nobody can really tell anyway."
R'sera smiled. "Thank you. I appreciate it."
"Well then, you can go about your daily lives now. The effects may take up to three days to take full course but you should be eighteen again in no time. He pushed a button and a guard came to escort them out.
Re: The Academy Years
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The Academy Years

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