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 Has Elite Force come to it's end?

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Captain, Command

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PostSubject: Has Elite Force come to it's end?   Wed 13 Jan - 14:25

Quote :
Yesterday we saw the formation of a new Steam Group, Save EF
(http://steamcommunity.com/groups/saveef). But what are your view on
Should EF be saved, and if so, what would you do to save it?

I think we should re-establish a greater sense of community within EF
and have independant groups given they're own areas on places like
Ubergames. Luckily 3rd Fleet stepped in with this, but so far it's
really only been used three times now.

Quote :
I think there us still a market for such a plan. Of course there are still a small ammount of new members coming

Quote :
Aye there is, I really like to play it, but in retrospect it IS a 10
year old game so the 'new' players are either going to be people who
are coming back or people who look out for rare games.

Quote :
Or those of us who don't feel like being in shoot-or-die mode.

Quote :
Brex is quite right... You will neither get EF1 nore EF 2 in shops and
even on amazone they are realy expensive... some even 64Euros and

Quote :
Well... Raven don't like talking about EF... Activision no longer holds
the licence, It's almost been 10 years since an official update...
If so that could really help out

Quote :
Actually the prices are Sometimes high, but I paid 10 dollars in sep
and I know two who just bought off amazon for 15 usd. I am curious of
what the Quake rebirth will mean for EF.

Quote :
Absolutely nothing unfortunately, Raven don't want to release the
source code and they have no rights to sell it first party anymore,
unless they joined with a publisher who have the rights (I think
Bethesda still).

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Has Elite Force come to it's end?
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