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 The Best Console

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Captain, Command
Captain, Command

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PostSubject: The Best Console   Wed 13 Jan - 14:27

Quote :
I love them all, especially the timeless classics such as the N64. I
was actually playing the PS2 on my new TV (50") and it looked dreadful!
You could tell that the PS2 employed no Anti Aliasing at all, except on
the text. Which as we all know what happens when Anti Aliased text is
up-scaled but note recomputed? No...? Meh, basically the text begins to
blend into the backgrounds and go all 'fuzzy' in the middle.
the N64 however, these aren't noticeable as the N64 actually HAD Anti
Aliasing (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RCP_%28chip%29). So yeah I think
the N64 is the better console, not just because of its looks
graphically, but also because some of the games are just... well better

Quote :
I like the Xbox and Wii controls the best. Wii is so cool, but way out
of my league price wise. Nevertheless, the N64 games did have a good

Quote :
But to be completely honest, the X-Box doesn't have something as cool as the 'Reality Co-Processor' now does it?

Quote :
Not sure what the purpose of that would be but it does sound cool

Quote :
It's the N64's version of a GFX card

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The Best Console
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